Monkey Tree Yoga

For more information about Monkey Tree Yoga or to book a retreat contact:
Melinda Warner US phone # (559)270-1328 or email [email protected]

Disconnect from your daily life and reconnect with yourself at a Yoga retreat in a beautiful dry tropical national park. Our resort is located on the slopes of a clean volcanic lake where you can swim in the pleasant mineral waters and live and practice yoga to the sounds of Howler monkeys and exotic birds. We provide Spacious villas, a large inviting yoga shala, local excursions, community involvement, vegetarian meals and other options.

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What is Monkey Tree?

To us at Monkey Tree Yoga, the resident howler monkey represents everything about nature that we want to protect in this little spot of paradise in beautiful Nicaragua. The monkey leaping from tree to tree perfectly executes a gravity-defying action while living the life it was created to live. Its leap out of a "safety zone" is effortless, beautiful and fearless.

We humans were also designed to live a life without limits; to leap, jump and heal, and to perform seemingly miraculous feats of regeneration. Ultimately, we are limitless. We can all take the challenge to live a little bit like the monkey, eager and confident that we too can leap fearlessly from challenge to challenge, knowing that all of our being supports our perfection.

What is a "Monkey Tree?" For the monkey, it is everything. It is large and supportive; it provides food, shelter and safety. Our center at Laguna de Apoyo is our own “Monkey Tree.” We provide the structure to support our clients to learn how to fly with joy, peace and ease and become the effortless, unlimited human beings we were so beautifully designed to be. Our yoga participants live in a beautiful place where all their needs are met. The yoga teacher is there to help us navigate this road through the often tangled tree of life. Through this road, we can transform our lives.

Monkey tree yoga